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Paulette Blackwood Tate for Cypress, TX Real Estate.
“I’m always looking for opportunities to live, learn and grow. It’s what inspires me to make the most of every moment in life and it’s an approach that has driven my real estate career for more than 30 years. I love sharing my experience with others and helping them achieve their home buying and selling goals.”

For Paulette Blackwood Tate, Every Day is an Opportunity to Learn and Grow!

As a leading businesswoman, Paulette Blackwood Tate is the type of woman who is always seeking knowledge and personal growth. She believes there’s no better classroom than life itself, so she soaks in every experience and views every new day as a fresh learning opportunity.

A Thirst for Knowledge

Cypress | Texas | Real Estate Agent

As a proud wife, mother and grandmother, nothing is more important to Paulette than her family.

Paulette knows the more you work to foster growth, the more meaningful everything becomes. This outlook inspires Paulette to make the most of every moment, whether it’s staying fit through pilates, kickboxing, bike rides and walks, working in her beautiful garden of flowers and vegetables or just enjoying quality time with her husband, Art, their children and their three granddaughters. She’s also a fan of technology. She loves learning about the latest gadgets and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest digital trends.

Paulette’s continued thirst for knowledge has gotten her through many major transitions in life. She’s been divorced and remarried, which meant blending two families along the way. She’s lived throughout Texas and Oklahoma, having moved to Houston when she married Art, who is originally from this area. They ultimately settled in Cypress and Paulette quickly fell in love with the quality of life in the Northwest Suburbs. Through it all, she has retained her positive spirit and strived to learn and grow through each new transition.

Proven Perspective

Living, learning and growing are also key aspects to Paulette’s long-running career in real estate. She’s proud to be a second-generation agent. Her parents were successful brokers in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and even two of Paulette’s daughters have followed in her footsteps to make their own marks in this industry. In fact, her daughter, Charla, as well as Art, are key members of her service team. Her other daughter, Jen, is a successful local agent on her own. “It really has become a family business,” Paulette says. “I learned from the best—my mom and dad—and it’s exciting to share my passion with the next generation.”

Making an Impact

Cypress | Texas | Real Estate Agent

Paulette is focused on your success and uses her proven expertise to help you make sound real estate decisions.

For more than 30 years, Paulette has been making a positive impact as a leading Northwest Houston real estate professional. Her expertise is unmatched and she knows what it takes to help her clients make the most of their opportunities when buying or selling a home in the Northwest Houston market. And as you might expect from Paulette, she’s not content to just keep doing things “the way they’ve always been done.” She strives to learn and grow with each passing day. Paulette is always taking new courses, embracing new technology and exploring exciting new marketing avenues in order to provide her clients with the highest quality service around.

If you are buying or selling a home in the Northwest Houston real estate market, including Cypress or the surrounding Northwest Houston communities, discover The Power of Knowledge with Paulette Blackwood Tate as your trusted real estate guide. Call her today!

Cypress | Texas | Real Estate Agent   Cypress | Texas | Real Estate Agent   Cypress | Texas | Real Estate Agent   Cypress | Texas | Real Estate Agent

Cypress | Texas | Real Estate Agent Cypress | Texas | Real Estate Agent Cypress | Texas | Real Estate Agent